Wholesale Towels

Towel buying guide

Much like anything you buy, no two towels are the same. In fact, with a wide range of different materials and designs, the feel and quality of certain towels can easily be very different. If you’re looking to buy some new towels, then here is everything you need to know in order to make the most informed decision possible.

What exactly is GSM?

GSM stands for grams per square metre. This is the indication used for how dense the material of the towel is. As you might imagine, the higher the GSM of a towel, the nicer it is. Typically, higher GSM towels mean they are thicker, more absorbent and more luxurious.

300-400 GSM towels

Towels with the lowest GSM levels will typically fall into this range. As such, you will find them to be thinner, lighter and not as good at holding large quantities of water. However, this doesn't mean they are less worthwhile. Instead, things like kitchen towels, gym towels and beach towels will usually be roughly 350GSM regardless of quality.

400-600 GSM towels

This is the medium range of towels you might come across. Nicer beach towels might be between 400 and 500 GSM, they will just be more comfortable though a bit bulkier. In this weight range, you will find all kinds of nice quality towels, including bath towels and guest towels. 500 GSM is normally very robust in terms of water absorption and quick drying.

600-900 GSM towels

The largest and most luxurious types of towel will fall into this range. You will find them to be much heavier, denser and will absorb more water. They will also take longer to dry. If you want to show off style and quality then you should consider bath towels in this range.

What different types of towels are available?

As already mentioned, there are a variety of different types of towel. Here’s an overview of the five different types of towel we stock. This will help you to get a better idea of why the price of certain towels are different and what you can expect to get for your money.

1. Turkish Cotton

Our Turkish Cotton towels are made from 100% cotton. At 650 GSM they are very soft to the touch and embody quality. These are popular for establishments looking to leave a nice impression on their guests

2. Bamboo collection

Our premium Bamboo Collection includes towels that are made from 50% cotton and 50% bamboo. They have a GSM of 700, making them high quality and very luxurious. Due to them containing bamboo, they are also much more eco-friendly than other ranges.

3. Premium Double Yarn

Our 600GSM Premium Double Yarn towels are incredibly popular for families and businesses alike. They are highly durable, very absorbent and, best of all, are still machine washable.

4. Royal Egyptian

Our Royal Egyptian bath towels range from between 600 and 700 GSM and are very good quality. They are heavy and soft, meaning they give off a very soft and luxurious feel.

5. Wholesale Industrial

Our Wholesale Industrial range includes towels which are 400 GSM & 500 GSM. Though they are not as soft as some of the other ranges, they are still very good quality and are made to last in a heavy use environment. They are also our most cost-effective towels.

6. Organic Cotton Towels

Using organic cotton, our new range - which encompasses duvets, sheets, pillows, robes and towels - has been produced from natural products, ethically produced products and recycled materials. The team at British Wholesales have taken the time to go out and source those materials to be absolutely sure that the collection is beyond reproach when it comes to being eco-friendly. The range is, of course, a continuation of the company's wider commitment to prioritise quality, comfort and durability.

When it comes to the bed linen, the duvets and pillows contain elements, deep in the non-allergenic fibres, that have been made by recycled plastic bottles, which is hard to believe when you sink into their soft embrace. By using recycled products, materials that otherwise would have ended up in landfill taking around 1,000 years to biodegrade, we are leading the way and showing other brands what is possible in this sphere. 

The organic cotton used in the linen has been grown by local farmers, supporting the biodiversity of existing ecosystems in a way that means British Wholesales are supporting genuine global sustainability. And yet there is no outward evidence of any of this eco-friendly process when it comes to the look and feel of the product. The pillows remain as soft as clouds, and because of the way they are made, they are guaranteed to be free of potential irritants on the skin, while 70 percent fewer carbon dioxide emissions are generated by the process, as well as 70 percent less water and 40 percent less energy. Those savings, in comparison to standard fibre production, show the rest of the industry the way forward. As you would expect from every organic product, the collection has also been awarded the Global Organic Textile Standard certificate.

“Each Eco product has been carefully developed for minimal environmental impact but maximum quality,” said Phillip James, purchasing manager. 

Variety of Organic Items

Also available is a range of bathroom products to coincide with the launch of the Eco cotton range. This encompasses some fantastic vegan shampoos and body washes that are packaged using recycled materials, qualifying them to be EU Ecolabel certified. We put great stock in taking skincare seriously and using little luxuries to reward the loyalty of guests at hotels and spas across the world. The Eco range is all about soothing and then invigorating those who are fortunate to use it - these are natural products that recharge, clean and soak away the build-up of dirt. As part of the range, we offer scalp-sensitive shampoos and buttery body lotions, which are ideal for helping guests to unwind, while at the same having the peace of mind to know they are sourced sustainably. British Wholesales allow clients to buy in bulk for their hotels to ensure they never run out and are continuously able to back up any boasts they make about being a company who are working towards becoming truly environmentally friendly. 

The Eco Collection is as impressive for its ambition and worthy intentions as it is for the products that have been produced. This is a company with truly exacting standards when it comes to luxury. More importantly, we are a company that understands the changing mood in society, the desire to be eco-friendly ourselves but also our desire to buy from brands who prove they are working towards a more sustainable future.

Trends are already showing a move towards brands who factor-in the environment to their business plan. Supermarkets are under pressure to go plastic-free; workplaces are getting rid of single-use plastic cups in favour of more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. We have now taken up the baton with the launch of the Eco cotton range, which marks a real forward step for hotels and spas as they all seek to be more thoughtful towards the environment.

Our top tips for looking after your towels

To help ensure good longevity for your towels, you should consider following these top tips: - Fluff up your towels before and after you put them in the dryer. This will help them to maintain fullness and fluffiness. - If you find that your towels are starting to pile, then you can make them feel like new again. Simply take some tape and wrap it around your hand. Then, roll this along the towel to pull up the fibres and lift off any excess pieces of lint. - Before you wash your towels, make sure you read any care instructions that come with them. The safe temperatures to wash them may differ greatly compared to other towels you own. - Some towel manufacturers warn you not to use chlorine bleach, so look out for this. Using it when it says not to can cause the fibres to become noticeably weaker and less absorbent over time.

Your towel size buying guide

Towels come in all shapes and sizes and each one will serve a certain purpose. Here are the most common sizes and what they are used for:

- 30cm x 30cm. These are face towels

- 40cm x 60cm. These towels are used most commonly as guest towels

- 50cm x 90cm. This is the common size of hand towels

- 70cm x 125cm. This is the size of a bath towel

- 90cm x 170cm. As the largest variety commonly available, these are bath sheets

Other things to consider

- If a towel is cheap, then don’t buy it based on what it feels like in the store. You may likely find that, after just a few washes, this softness soon fades. This is a common retail trick. Instead, you will want towels that are made of 100% combed cotton. This means all the short hairs have been removed, and the softness will last over time. - Remember, just because a towel is low GSM, this does not mean it is low quality. Instead, you need to focus on other equally important factors like the stitching. If towels are high GSM but have been made very poorly, then they will not last very long at all. - When deciding on which towels to purchase, give careful thought to how much they will be getting used and what setting they are for. If you operate a high-end hotel, then customers will expect the finest. However, if you are a more affordable hotel, then consider choosing a 500-600GSM towel which, though more affordable, still offer great value for money and represent your brand well.

Finding the perfect towels for you

As you can see, there are a large variety of different towels that vary in quality depending on the GSM and range you choose. If you operate a high-end hotel then you will want to stock guest towels that are 600GSM or more and are good quality. However, if you don't have the budget for these more expensive towels, then lower GSM ranges of towels will still do the job perfectly well. At British Wholesales, we stock a range of towels suited to the needs of all kinds of businesses and also for large families. If you can’t find the sort of towel you are looking for, then please do contact our friendly team for more as we are the UK's biggest manufacturer of towels so we will be able to help you out regardless of the requirements!