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An ideal choice for hospitals, nursing homes and residential facilities, our range of hospital linens is designed to provide comfortable, hygienic bed coverings which are made from high-quality, durable material. The items within our hospital linen selection provide a complete set of coverings, so regardless of the season, interior temperatures or the particular needs of your patients or residents, there is a suitable set of bed linen for their requirements. Attractively priced and highly functional, these sheets, blankets, pillowcases and towels provide an appealing look in any therapeutic environment.

Full collection of hospital bed linen

Our polycotton bed sheets are designed to fit a standard hospital bed, with generous margins to ensure secure tucking. These sheets can be washed at higher temperatures in the interests of hygiene and feature an attractive contrasting green stripe, which also makes it easier to spot which way the sheet should be placed on the bed. Matching pillowcases provide a coordinated look.

We also sell 100% cotton draw sheets. Made from top-quality cotton fibres, these offer exceptional comfort and absorption. Cotton can be washed at the high temperatures necessary to ensure good hygiene. Towels are an integral part of any hospital housekeeping, but have been known to "walk away" in much the same way as hotel towels. Our towels are clearly labelled as hospital property, hopefully deterring unauthorised use.

Cotton rich blankets for lightweight warmth

The cotton blankets we offer are a popular choice in most hospitals and residential homes. The material is easy to launder and not prone to the problems of shrinking, bobbling or matting which other fabrics can be vulnerable to. Lightweight enough for use with frail patients or those with sensitive injuries, these blankets also provide a welcome warmth when required. When used with the sheets, they offer a highly practical hospital linen solution.

Source all your linen from us

We are an established company with a strong track record in providing large volumes of linen and other necessities to institutions of many different types. Our team understand what matters to our customers, which is why we offer an exceptional combination of easy ordering, fast delivery, premium products that are made to last and obliging customer care. Our prices are extremely competitive, offering excellent value.

To place your order, or to find out more about us and our products, call us now on (01204) 896528.