Wholesale Hotel Towels

Hotel Towels

The right towels really can help transform your hotel from a mediocre environment to a luxury place to stay. When your guests first arrive after a long journey or come back to rest after a busy day, the first thing they'll want to do is freshen up - and plush, high-quality towels are an important part of any luxurious bathroom routine. Buying fewer units directly from a home store can be a costly way to purchase towels, which means some hotels might end up compromising on quality for the sake of cost. Fortunately, British Wholesales have a wide range of options when it comes to wholesale towels, all of which are sure to get a five-star rating from both you and your guests.

Soft touch towels

These gorgeous towels are perfect for every style of hotel - whether the offering is romantic boudoirs or family-friendly rooms, guests are guaranteed to love the feeling of Turkish cotton after a long soak in the bath. Why Turkish cotton? This versatile material is well known the world over for its durability combined with its sumptuous softness. The soft touch wholesale towels available from British Wholesales can be purchased in a range of different weights, from 500 GSM to 650 GSM. Buyers can also choose between many different sizes, from face cloths and hand towels to bath towels and bath sheets. All of these soft touch towels are dyed a brilliant white, which promises not to fade over time. 

Industrial towels

The industrial towels stocked by British Wholesales are the ideal choice for any establishment aiming to balance costs, whilst still investing in quality towels that will withstand wash after wash. They're perfect for anywhere with a high turnover of guests, such as busy hotels, hostels and shelters. Industrial towels are renowned for the fact they clean easily and maintain their quality when washed in bulk in a machine. Industrial towels also have a high level of absorbency, making them a great practical choice, whilst remaining comfortable thanks to their availability in heavier weights of between 400-500 GSM.

Spa/leisure towels

For those hotels with a leisure complex, or offering lucky guests a full spa experience, it is very important to choose the right towels to complement this. These towels need to be functional as well as comfortable, able to be used by guests for longer periods of time. This means that spa/leisure towels usually have a lighter weight compared to other towel choices, but that doesn't mean they make any sacrifice on softness, helping your guests to ease into a more relaxed frame of mind. Take a look at the range of sizes available for spa/leisure dressing gowns and hotel leisure towels from British Wholesales.

What to consider when choosing towels for your hotel

When browsing the different options for wholesale towels, remember to consider the following:

  • Comfort factor
  • Is it important for your hotel to prioritise comfort when choosing the towels that will be used by your guests every day? If so, consider the material the towels are made from. All towels available on our site are made using Turkish cotton, which stays warm and fluffy thanks to longer threads.
  • Wear and tear
  • Think about how often these towels will be washed each week - this is especially important for those hotels with a high guest turnover. There are certain considerations to be made when choosing towels that can ensure they look brand new for longer. For example, make sure to choose those designs with banded edges, as this will help to reduce the risk of fraying.
  • Weight
  • Towels are measured by pound per dozen, and it is this weighting with which guests will generally judge towel quality. Heavier towels often feel more luxurious, whilst lighter towels are better in environments such as spas and leisure centres. Before purchasing wholesale towels, consider both the practicality and comfort aspects of the product and how the weight of your chosen towels will affect this.