Wholesale Table Linen

Welcome to the British Wholesales table linen range. Here you will find a selection of the finest cloths for circular and rectangular tables, made from only the best materials; from cotton to polyester.

Versatile and great value

Our table linen is very versatile, and can be used in hospitality establishments such as restaurants, cafes and hotels, as well as at home. Thanks to the all round quality of these items, you can rely on them to fulfill a number of purposes, offering sophistication and style which can transform a dining experience. We also offer a wide range of colours which ensures that you can tune your table linen into specific themes, as part of an overall look which can wow guests.

Magnificent materials

We choose only the very best material for our range of table linen. That means that you can rely on us for polyester which offers the dual benefits of being long lasting and durable, as well as being soft. This cotton like feel offers a luxurious element which is perfectly suited to restaurant environments and long term home use. Another advantage of our polyester range is its wrinkle resistance, meaning it can be used for longer without needing to be ironed. Our cotton table linen offers the advantage of being super absorbent, as well as offering a timeless style which can be augmented with satin bands.

Made to measure

With our table linen range, you can pick from a wide selection of sizes to suit multiple requirements - from napkin size all the way up to 229cm x 229cm. We have the facilities to house a huge range of stock, thanks to our 1.5 acre warehouse, so all you need to do is choose what is best for your needs. When it comes to quantities, we can also cover various requirements - from multiple table cloths to packs of 300 napkins.

We believe that communication with our clients is key, and so any order you make for table linen will benefit from personalised delivery anywhere in the UK. Based at the iconic Swan Mill in Lancashire, the British heritage in textiles is living on through the British Wholesales selection, including this unmatched table linen range.

Browse the British Wholesales range above and pick out the best table linen for your home or business. Call us with any queries on 01204 896528