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Pillow buying guide

When looking for wholesale pillows at affordable rates, British Wholesales is the company to call. We stock a variety of fantastic pillows which are designed to meet any need and suit any budget. Sourced from leading suppliers and manufactured to the highest quality, our pillows are perfect for hotels and guest houses, beauty spas and salons, medical facilities and residential care homes. But which pillow should you buy? There are many choices to choose from, so it can be hard to know where to begin. This guide to pillow buying aims to guide you through the choices and help you come out with the right decision.

Choosing the right pillow materials

When selecting a pillow, don't worry about what it looks like or what the packaging is like: consider the materials it is made from. If style is important to you too, you can always add a decorative pillow case to your new pillow. There are many different types of pillow, made from a variety of filling materials and outer case materials. Some offer softer or firmer sleep support, others are easy to clean and others still offer protection against allergens. Getting the right filling and cover is crucial if the pillow is to be comfortable to sleep on, so consider these factors closely.

Different types of filling

A common choice for pillow fillings, especially for hotel pillows or spa pillows, is polyester. Hollow fibre polyester is dense and provides firm support, ensuring that the pillow won't sink when used. Some pillows also use memory foam to create a firm and strong base for the head and neck. If soft is your preference, then you can't beat the luxury feel of goose down and feathers, or, you can get a springy, bouncy pillow with spiral synthetic fibres.

Filling weights and what they mean

For bedding products such as duvets and pillows, the density of the filling affects the overall performance and comfort of the finished product. The fill weight is a matter of preference. Heavier fill weights, or 'tog ratings', represent a more dense and firm pillow. Air will circulate less well in a more filled pillow, which can make it hot and uncomfortable. However, the head will sink less and the pillow will retain its shape and firmness for longer, increasing comfort.

Different types of outer covers

Just as the filling choice is important, so is the choice of the pillow cover. Our pillows are available with a range of outer covers, including wipe-clean waterproof covers for care and for beauty settings. These are hygienic and low maintenance, and perfect for kids or for those who are bedridden. Many of our pillows feature a 100% polypropylene cover - this breathable, light synthetic fabric is easy to clean and extremely soft. Our luxury pillows are covered in polycotton, which is also very soft and thick.

A word about allergies

When selecting pillows, you should always consider people with health conditions, people with allergies, and young children. Pillows are known to harbour tiny creatures known as dust mites, and these little bugs are responsible for a number of allergy symptoms in humans - including itching, a stuffy nose and even the onset of asthma attacks. Natural fillings like duck and goose down or feathers are more prone to collecting mites. Synthetic fillings, such as hollow point fibre and polyester, are allergen-free and far less likely to cause any irritation. Whether you are selecting pillows for a hotel, a care home, a spa or your own home, consider who will be using the pillows - and make sure you choose an appropriate anti-allergenic material for any vulnerable guests or residents.

How to care for pillows

When you invest in new pillows, you want that investment to last for a good long while. Our pillows are designed to be tough and durable. Whether you buy from the budget or luxury ends of our range, you can be sure that your new pillows are constructed from quality materials and stitched to last. However, even the best pillows do lose their shape and structure over time, and they also require regular cleaning to keep them fresh. Using pillow covers can help with the cleaning, but pillows should also be washed every couple of months. Pillows can be put into the washing machine on a normal low spin cycle, though this can speed up the rate that they get misshapen. For a more thorough clean or for large-scale pillow cleaning, a dry cleaning service is recommended.

Buying wholesale pillows

Our wholesale web service is designed to make bulk buying hotel pillows simple and affordable. We have an extensive web store filled with high-quality pillows, with prices starting at just £6.66 each (including VAT). Our amazing and luxurious pillows can be delivered to anywhere in the UK, and we guarantee to offer you incredible prices on all large orders. Buying bedding for your business or service industry has never been easier with British Wholesalers. Our products are trusted by and used by a number of the country's top companies, from well-known holiday accommodation brands to leading beauty spas. We work closely with the travel and hospitality industries, as well as providing medical grade bedding products for care and treatment facilities. Our pillows are also ideal for residential premises, including student accommodation and social housing blocks.

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