The benefits of quality kitchen linen for your business

In any business with a kitchen, it is the small details which have the potential to make the establishment a success. An area which is easily overlooked in a business is choosing the right linen for both the kitchen and front of house area. Kitchen linen such as aprons, cloths and glass cloths are in constant use throughout the whole business area, so it is worth investing in quality products.

The quality, material, colour and branding of kitchen linen can have a significant impact on staff, customers and the business as a whole. All food businesses must present a clean, professional and inviting space, so ensuring every detail is perfect from the aprons and napkins to the waiters’ cloths and printed glass cloths is essential. Here at British Wholesales, we are committed to providing our customers with an extensive range of kitchen linens. 

100% Cotton Bib and Butcher Aprons

Whether you are in the catering or hospitality industry, it is important to choose a professional apron. A bib or butchers’ apron will encourage your team to prioritise the health and safety of both your customers and the workforce, through effective sanitary practices and prevention against cross-contamination.

The versatility of our unisex aprons ensures they are suitable for the whole team and are available in a range of colours to match your brand. By providing your employees with matching aprons your employees will instantly create a professional impression to customers. These budget-friendly aprons are manufactured from 100% cotton and will protect work uniforms and staff clothing.

Bistro Napkins - Spun Polyester

In a restaurant, the customers' satisfaction will depend on everything from the food and drink to the tableware and napkins. Although paper napkins might seem like a quick option, they can only be expensive, wasteful and will have a negative impact on the environment. Our range of napkins boast excellent absorbency, low levels of shrinkage and are available in either burgundy, black, blue or green to suit your own style.

If you are looking to create a premium feel, our bistro napkins with their luxurious cotton-like feel are guaranteed to impress. Whether the napkins are neatly folded around cutlery or turned into a beautiful table decoration the napkins will create a stunning atmosphere. In fact, according to a recent study, 88% of consumers associated cloth napkins with excellent service.

Kitchen Cloths - Bleached Cotton

When it comes to choosing cloths for a busy commercial kitchen, it is important to invest in quality cloths which are designed to last. Our range of bleached cotton towels are designed with both efficiency, affordability and durability in mind.

It is important that businesses are able to save costs wherever possible and these cloths are the most absorbent and long-lasting of all materials. The thick material and pile are designed to provide high levels of absorbency and quick collection of dirt. Our towels are available in red, blue or green stripes, so you can create a perfectly coordinating range of kitchen linen.

Oven Cloths - Unbleached Cotton

In a busy kitchen, safety and speed are important when meeting customers high expectations. Our unbleached cotton cloths are purposely designed for demanding environments. The absorbent yet quick drying properties are ideal for commercial kitchens, where the material is able to withstand the high temperatures of ovens, grills and hobs.

A specially designed oven cloth will enable the team to quickly handle hot items, with improved control and room to grip everything from trays to roasting tins. Your kitchen team will be properly protected from accidental burns and your customers will benefit from prompt, fresh meals.

Printed Glass Cloths

A dirty glass is something which a customer is unlikely to forgive, and it will quickly create a negative impression of your establishment. Whether you run a pub, bar, cafe or restaurant, your team will find it simple to locate these cloths thanks to the clear design. The durable material is ideal for both drying and polishing glasses, but could also be used to polish cutlery, so represents excellent value for money.

Waiter's Cloths - Cotton

Waiter's cloths are perfect for all food environments, where they can be used to protect against spills and burns. Our range of white cloths with a simple blue stripe will create a smart, clean and professional appearance. 

The cloths are manufactured from high-quality cotton, which is ideal for busy kitchens as the cloths can be washed at high temperatures to ensure stains are removed. As a commercial product, the cloths are designed to be heat resistant, absorbent and durable.

'DCM' - Glass Cloths

If your business is looking for a range of kitchen linen which is flexible and durable, the 'DCM' glass cloths are ideal. The white cloths are available with a simple red, blue or green stripe design, so you can choose the perfect design for your own colour scheme. 

Clean tableware is essential in the food industry and these cloths are brilliant all-rounders, with a smart design suited to the front of house area. Their versatility makes them ideal for drying, wiping, buffing and polishing glasses and cutlery.

'Wonderdry' Tea Towels - Cotton

Every demanding food or drink environment needs tea towels which are both highly absorbent and durable. The combination of wet, slippery surfaces with lots of customers and staff rushing around creates a high-risk environment. This means commercial tea towels are an important addition to both the kitchen and front of house areas.

Our 'Wonderdry' tea towels are manufactured using the highest quality cotton and are available in a range of coordinating colours including red, blue and green check. The quick-drying cotton and high levels of absorbency are ideal for fast-paced businesses, as they can be used throughout the day for general wiping, drying or even polishing. 

We are committed to providing our customers with superior quality kitchen linen, which is able to withstand the demands of the busiest commercial kitchens. To find out more about any of the products in our range, please contact our experienced team who will be happy to help.