New Product Spotlight – Zero Twist Towels

23rd Dec 2019

Are you in the market for a set of towels that are sure to blow your guests away? Look no further than British Wholesales range of zero twist towels; renowned for their naturally soft texture, which is paired with unrivalled strength and robustness – zero twist towels really are one of the very best options currently available on the market today. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at zero twist towels and what makes them so sought after by businesses and homeowners alike.

What Are Zero Twist Towels?

Zero twist towels are one of the most sought after products available in the wholesale market today. Boasting a whole range of benefits for your business and guests, you simply cannot afford to miss out on zero twist towels. If you are considering what exactly is a zero twist towel, then allow us to explain in this blog post! 

Zero twist towels are made in a completely unique way, as they are not twisted before they are weaved like a classic towel would be. Whilst this may not sound like a huge deal, the list of benefits that you can expect to see is actually huge – with the towels capable of absorbing a huge amount of moisture, quick drying, all whilst still maintaining extremely robust properties. 

The main reason zero twist towels are so robust is simply because they can only be manufactured from long staple yarn, which is not conventionally used in towel manufacturing.

Made from 100% cotton, our range of zero twist towels come in a range of 5 fantastic colours, and are perfect for any commercial or corporate setting. No matter what your requirements are when it comes to towels for your guests, you can rest assured that British Wholesales range of zero twist towels will exceed your expectations. 

Finally, always be sure to do your research when purchasing zero twist towels, as there are many manufacturers and suppliers who will label a product ‘zero twist’ when in actual fact there is a low twist count used. 

Whilst this may not sound like a huge deal if a product is being labelled with no twists when in actual fact there are some still present; this obviously means you are paying a premium price for a product that doesn’t match the price tag. Always remember that the more twists that are included in a towel, the less likely you are to benefit from the huge range of advantages they bring to your business, and of course, your guests.

What Makes British Wholesales’ Zero Twist Towels So Special?

Here are just some of the biggest benefits zero twist towels have over other types of towels currently available: 

600 GSM - The term GSM refers to Grams per Square Metre, and is essentially the best way to judge the quality of a towel. Low GSM towels fall into the 300-400 GSM bracket whilst anything over 600 GSM is considered high quality. Simply put, the higher the GSM, the better performance you can expect for the towel. British Wholesales’ range of zero twist towels weigh in at 600 GSM, meaning they will provide a top quality, soft and absorbent towel. 

Zero Twist – The name of this product does give this away ever so slightly, but this range is made in a very special way. As mentioned earlier in the article, the fibres in this towel aren’t spun in the usual way a classic towel is as they are not twisted before they are weaved. 

Super Absorbent – The biggest benefit of the zero twist towel is the unrivalled drying capabilities it brings to a user. With the manufacturing process of zero twist towels not including any twists in the fabric, the surface area of the material is significantly larger, allowing more moisture to be absorbed. Your guests are sure to comment on just how fantastic your towels are, so be ready to field questions about where you bought your towels from! 

Unrivalled Soft Texture – When you think of a towel which has fantastic drying abilities, you can be forgiven for thinking that it may not be the softest in terms of texture. However, thanks to the revolutionary zero twist technology, our range of zero twist towels are some of the very softest towels currently available – whilst boasting superb drying capabilities. 

Easy To Clean – Following use, all you need do is pop the towels on a gentle wash, tumble dry them, and the zero twist towels will come out looking and feeling like new. Even if you leave the zero twist towels to dry naturally, you will be shocked at just how quickly the towel will dry. 

Elegant Border - To ensure that each and every towel in the range look as good as they feel, we have been sure to include an elegant border on each towel. Investing in our range of zero twist towels means that you can rest assured that your business is giving all of your guests a luxury experience from the moment they step through your door, right through to when they leave you.

Whilst this may all sound too good to be true, the team here at British Wholesales can assure you that it definitely isn’t! Our range of zero twist towels are among the very best, so don’t hesitate, be sure to contact us to find out more about this truly spectacular range of towels. 

At British Wholesales, we are proud to stock a fantastic range of zero twist towels, including: 

• Face cloths 

• Bath Towels 

• Hand Towels 

• Bath Sheets 

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order with our team today by either heading directly to our zero twist towels on our website, or by calling our friendly sales team on 01204 827581 if you would like any further information about any of our products.