Cool Nights Pillow with Silver Threads for Body Temperature Regulation

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£15.80 (Inc. VAT)
£13.17 (Ex. VAT)


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Cover: Cotton blend with silver yarns
Filling: 100% polyester fibre
Size : 48x74cm

This luxurious Cool Nights pillow pair is perfect for warm sleepers. The covers are specially blended with silver fibres, which help to regulate body temperature. These special fibres work by conducting heat away from the surface of the pillow, meaning that it will stay cool to the touch throughout the night. This revolutionary technology could help give you a more restful, comfortable sleep. The silver yarns also reduce static charge, and have natural antibacterial properties. Those who struggle with flyaway hair or static accumulation overnight will love this pillow set. The antibacterial properties of the silver yarns, coupled with the hollowfibre filling, will help keep them fresh for longer. There's no need to compromise on comfort: these pillows are super-plump, so you can be sure to have a restful, healthier, and more comfortable night. Proudly made in the UK.