Cotton Terry Towelling Bath Robe

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Luxury Bath Robes 

We want luxury when we step out of the shower as sometimes that cold feeling can set in ruining the moment, we have the solution. 
Our 100% cotton terry towelling luxury bathrobe wrapped around you with it's shawl collar and belt, you will not want to take it off, and for extra comfort and convenience we have added pockets.

  • Each Bathrobe is 1400 grams approximately (400gsm - grams per square metre)  
  • 100% Cotton Terry Towelling
  • Unisize (One Size - See chart below)
  • High Quality Ring Spun Cotton
  • Machine Washable 
Luxury Robe Size Chart
Shoulder Full Width Sleeve Full Length
64cm / 25'' 145cm / 57'' 55cm / 21.5'' 125cm / 47''

They are one size with a belt and the dimensions are: length is 48" or 122 cm and the width is 55" or 140 cm. They are 400 GSM (grams per square metre) in weight.

Terry towelling bath robes made from 100% cotton and weighing 400gsm. Made from terry towelling material for extra absorbency and softness allowing you to dry faster and stay warmer unlike the fleece material. Available in 4 striking colours. - 400 GSM - 100% Cotton - Terry Towelling - Machine Washable - Two Frontal Pockets